Mag Box Help Tutorials : How to change the date and time on a MAG IPTV Box

This should help solve the error message “Time on the device is not synchronised Reload portal” on your MAG IPTV Set Top Box.

Enter the “System settings” – by pressing «Setup», «Services» or «SET» on the remote control (depending on the version the remote control)

MAG 254 IPTV System Settings Screen
– Select “Servers”

MAG 254 IPTV System Settings Screen

-Select “General”

MAG 254 IPTV Server Screen

– In the input field “NTP server” input “” and then “Enter”

MAG 254 IPTV NTP Server Screen

– Confirm “OK”

– Reboot Mag box

See a video of this process below

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*Note sometime to enter the system settings page, you may have to reboot your MAG box, and press the Settings button during the “Loading” page.