How to change your HMA Server on our UK TV Routers

Sometimes the IP Addresses used by HMA are closed by HMA, or even blocked by the UK TV broadcasters. This can result in the On Demand services like BBC iPlayer, ITVHubb, All4 , My5 and Sky On Demand not functioning.

If this is the case it is necessary to change the HMA IP Server address.

This can be done by following the instructions below.


Choose a new HMA server

1. Sign in to your HMA account at: using your HMA account details that you were given when you signed up for the service.

2. Scroll down to DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE AND ACCESS HELP and press the SOFTWARE AND HELP button

3. Scroll down to MANUALLY SET-UP VPN – NO SOFTWARE and press the VIEW button


5. Click on Europe – United Kingdom

6. Scroll and choose which UK server you want to connect to. Note the IP Address on the right hand side of the screen for your chosen UK HMA Server.


Changing the HMA Server on the Router.

1. Log into the router by going to the IP address in your internet browser.

In some cases you may have to connect the router directly to the PC and not via your existing router to do this part.
In some cases the router may not load using your current internet browser.

2. Input your UK TV Routers User name and Password (Usually user uktvvpn pass uktvvpn or user uktv pass uktv)

3. In the router DDWRT interface go to
Basic Setup

4. In the Gateway section input your chosen HMA Server IP address.

There is NO NEED to change any other information on the router apart from the GATEWAY IP Address

5. Scroll to the bottom and press SAVE.


7. The router will reboot and after a short time the HMA connection will be established.

(if you have had to connect your router directly to the PC, this is when you reconnect the router to your existing router).




Users do this process at their own risk.

If you feed uncomfortable or unable to do this, then for a small service call charge we can do this for you.




The UK TV Broadcasters are always searching for users accessing their services from abroad using VPN services. They then blacklist those server and access to the UK TV Catch Up and On Demand services will be prevented.

In some cases it is possible to change to another server from the VPN provider – for example like this.

In some cases you may have to change VPN providers altogether.

Unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done to stop this from happening, as essentially the UK TV Catch Up and On Demand services are for UK use only. As such, The Sat and PC Guy cannot be held responsible or liable should your VPN service cease working with the UK TV Catch Up and On Demand services, or be held for any refund on services or equipment purchased.