Dec 112016

The Grand Tour breaks another record…the most pirated TV show ever!

With an astonishing £160 million budget, Jeremy Clarkson’s TV comeback is among the most expensive series of all time.

But now The Grand Tour has notched up another, albeit unwanted, record – as the most illegally downloaded show in history.

Official figures for the series, which also stars Clarkson’s old Top Gear co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond – have not been revealed by maker Amazon.

But since its launch on November 18, the first episode had been illegally downloaded 7.9 million times. Episode two has been ripped off 6.4 million times, and the figure for the third episode is 4.6 million. Viewers in Britain are the worst culprits, making up 13.7 per cent of the total.

It is estimated that Amazon lost a potential £3.2 million in revenue in Britain alone on episode one.

A source described the findings as ‘absolutely incredible’, It is the most illegally downloaded programme ever. It is off the scale in terms of volume. It has overtaken every big show, including Game Of Thrones, for the totals across different platforms.”


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