Aug 082018

Vintage TV no longer available

Vintage TV has disappeared from even more TV screens this week, with the service now being removed from Sky and Virgin Media.

The channel says the temporary removal from Sky and Virgin Media is part of plans to make the channel accessible to “as many viewers as possible”…

This follows Vintage Tvs removal from Freesat earlier this year, with the channel blaming the Freesats new carriage fees – Freesat subsequently denied any such change.

Even Manually tuning the channel is no longer possible, as the channel’s satellite feed has reverted to colour bars.


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  2 Responses to “Vintage TV no longer available”

  1. Update
    Social Media post from Vintage TV:

    Vintage TV We won’t be coming back to Freeview. We’re in talks to come back to Virgin and we’ll be back on Sky before the end of the month.

  2. Update : “Following talks with Sky, we’re delighted to announce that Vintage TV has been offered a new deal to return to the platform. The date will be confirmed very soon .”

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