Dec 092018

Some Channel 4 + 1 channel changes this week

Channel 4 is to make changes to the regionalisation of its +1 service this week.

This is part of a rearrangement of its satellite portfolio, which has already seen some changes so some of its satellite TV channels and frequencies ( Channel Four channels frequency change on satellite (Sky and Freesat) )

Channel 4 operates some regional variation, although these are restricted to different adverts rather than actual programming, although C4HD not carry any regionalisation at all.

Channel 4+1 has has mirrored the main Channel 4 service in terms of regionalised adverts.

But on 13th December 2018, some Channel 4+1 regional variations will will be remapped to a different Channel 4+1 variant.

Some Sky and Freesat viewers in Northern Ireland or Central England may find that they will have to reset any series links set after 6th December 2018 for a date beyond 13th December 2018 for Channel 4+1. There should be no need to do any new Freesat scan, as the “mapping” should take place automatically.

But users of “free to air” or other satellite receivers who use these two C4+1 regional variations will have to use a different C4+1 regional variation.

Viewers outside these Northern Ireland or Central England regions are not affected.


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