Jan 202014

According to BeIN Sports

From 31st January some of the BeIN Sports HD channels will go into “secure mode” and  you will need to register your official Al Jazeera / BeIN Sports receiver to continue viewing these channels.

The channels that you will lose if you do not register your receiver are:

bein HD 6
bein HD 7
bein HD 8
bein HD 9
bein HD 12
bein HD 13
bein HD 14
bein HD 15

BeIN HD 11 is not mentioned on the list, so you will not lose these channel (we hope), but by moving other HD channels onto a more secure card and receiver system, they can offer all 3pm games on those other channels.

Currently the two receivers that will allow card registration are the Humax IR3000 HD and Humax Free HD.

More information on the BeIn Sports channels and the receiver registration and their availability of the 3pm Saturday afternoon premier league kick offs available via this link.


More information as soon as we get it.
BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Channels

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera viewing cards

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Receivers – Humax IR3000 HD

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Receivers – Humax Free HD

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Satellite Frequencies Badr 26 East and Nilesat 7 West

Live Football on BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera


  154 Responses to “BeIN Sports – Cards and Receiver changes”

  1. i am currently leaving in Southern sudan but when i have failed to register my card.what can i do?

  2. i would like to buy bein sport card, but am living in southern Sudan, how will i get it, i need the card for premier league matches. thanks

  3. I didn’t understand that deadline of 1st march. what will happen if we didn’t get the new receiver ?

  4. i live in ethiopia and i would like to use bein sport, does bein sport coverage include us??

    • BeIn Sports is designed for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa” aras.
      Ethiopia, according to Wikipedia! is not included in MENA.
      The signals may be available, but BeIN do not officially sell their card to Ethiopia.
      So you may have to find a dealer who can provide you with them

  5. would you please send me details to register my receiver. You only say register your receiver, how you do not clarify it seems that you put your customers in troubles

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  7. can i know how i regestir my humax hd receiver and my card

  8. am in kenya and using humaxx hd free what will happen if i fail to register my receiver?

  9. My receve is dreem box 800hd

  10. I have a new receiver revolution galaxy 60/60 hdmi.

    this in order to receive further bein sports sufficient

    I have a card until June next year

    What should I do?

    Thank you


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  12. l live at the boarder of Uganda and south Sudan and lam using HD free Humax but failed to register coz lam not in your area of operation.wat do l do not to loose ma channels.thanx

    • Hi, I am not associated with BeIN Sports.
      If you want to register your receiver and card, then you will either need to contact your agent who supplied your card to you, or use a VPN service for a county that is in the MENA area.

      • Hi, I really appreciate your blog and the help you are doing. I live in Ethiopia and as you mentioned, Ethiopia is not in MENA area. I wanted to use the service and I am interested on how to register using VPN. Can you elaborate it please?

  13. Hello l am in saudi arabia i have acard from aljazeera sport how can irejister on my card

  14. how can i register when am in kenya?

    • If you want to register your receiver and card, then you will either need to contact your agent who supplied your card to you, or use a VPN service for a county that is in the MENA area.

  15. You are doing just like art…And we all know what happened to art

    • I am not doing anything – as I am not related or have any connection to the operations of BeIN Sports!
      But they are doing this due to piracy concerns – mainly illegal internet streaming and feeds.

  16. i’m from saudi arabia. I have a New Jazeera (BeIN) Sports card and HUMAX HD Free Receiver. But i can’t register with NEW CARD AND Receiver. Its showing message ‘Sorry! your current Receiver version is not compatible with this registration.’ What will do.

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  18. i m from algeria how can i register my card

  19. I ‘m currently using trend digital terrestrial receiver in Nigeria,is there any need for e to still register my smart card to retained my bein sport channels.

    • As per the post, if your receiver is not one of the official BeIN receivers so will not work with many BeIN channels from the 1st March.
      YOur receiver is NOT one of those being supported.

  20. Dear beIN sport
    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      I do not work for BeIN Sport.
      As per the post, if your receiver is not one of the official BeIN receivers – Humax Free HD or Humax IR3000 HD – so will not work with many BeIN channels from the 1st March.
      Your receiver is NOT one of those supported.

  21. hi how can i register my receiver

  22. what is VPN?

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  24. Can i register my humax ir 3020 hd to watch beinspord matches from 1st march.

  25. I have been a user of Aljazeera Sport card since long. I have a receiver whose model is IR-1020-HD. Do I have to register? if so, how? as I am based in Ethiopia. Please help.

  26. I m Hamza Osman I have acard and ricever free HD: this is the cart number xxxxxxxxxxx

    and the ricever freeHD number xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you for sending me your viewing card number and receiver ID – which I have edited out of your post so others do not see it!
      But I am not BeIN Sports and cannot help you!
      You need to go to their website to do the registration.

    • do you have bein? can i use your bein logon to access it online please!!!! PLEASE!!! I HATE SKY!!!!!!

      • yeah sure – give out login details to anyone you do not know.

        Why hate Sky? (which one? UK, Germany, Italy, NZ< Australian?) They have nothing to do with BeIN Sports, BeIn scheduling or how the FA sell rights and restrict games to other broadcasters...?

  27. My cuntery is ithiopia my card is gosecure

  28. Ana 3andi s-box776cv pvr rah yachtaghal fi nidam aljadid wala la

    • Erm…..I hope this answers what ever you have asked.
      BeIN registration wil only work with the specified Humax receivers.
      Any other receivers and your card will not register or work

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  30. I am from ethiopia how can I use english brodcasting b/ s iwas using bein11 now lt is loced

  31. i have humax hd receiver and i life ehiopia how ican register

  32. Interesting reading your site. I have the Bein card but as you say above the Sports Channels from 6 to 15 are now secure. I require to get a Humax HD Free box and live in Marbella. Do you know if these are sold locally?

  33. Hi,can bein sport get to know recievers outside mena region

  34. Ive registered but still am not recieving the secured channels what can I do

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  36. Hi I was using an AD sport human 2020 receiver for bein and abu dhabi sports. Will the new bein receiver also accept abu dhabi sports card?

    Many thanks

  37. Hello,

    Can you provide yearly subscriptions after 12th of May for Bein Sports World Cup package?

    What would the cost be?

  38. I am residing in the north east of Nigeria bordering chad, Cameron nd Niger, enjoying, educating entertaining myeself with your programmes. After paying full seasonal subscriptions aim denied viewing beinsports channels 10,11,12.
    In this part of the of the world our source of good life is television, crises, under state emergency, curfew nd son we cannot afford to miss you. So improve , provide and restore your good services to us. We can answer all enquerries.
    Thanks keep it up. Your services are excellent.

  39. As a user of beingsport smartcard for a long period,I wonder when will the new types of receivers be available in Algeria!Thanks

  40. hi dears i live in ethiopia i have super max receiver, is it possibe to use watch beinsports. what advice would you give me.thanks

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  42. I’ve been using Aljazera for 5 years…and I’ve got 3 questions
    1. Even if the two channals were closed Bein Sport HD 1 was broadcasting EPL in Arabic but this weekend there was no EPL on Bein Sport HD 1…is this permanent?
    2. Am I considered illegal if I have the proper receiver and smart card and watch in Ethiopia? Or is this gonna be closed at some future time?
    3. How much is the price of Humax Free HD and Humax IR3000 HD if I can buy it from UAE? Thanks a lot.

    • 1. Even if the two channals were closed Bein Sport HD 1 was broadcasting EPL in Arabic but this weekend there was no EPL on Bein Sport HD 1…is this permanent?
      I have no idea, as I am not in control of programme scheduling at BeIn Sports. Maybe it was on another BeIN channel?

      2. Am I considered illegal if I have the proper receiver and smart card and watch in Ethiopia? Or is this gonna be closed at some future time?
      I think Ethiopia is not part of MENA – so officially, the BeiN cards cannot be sold by BeIN there – but I am sure they will be people able to supply them to you.

      3. How much is the price of Humax Free HD and Humax IR3000 HD if I can buy it from UAE?
      Sorry. I do not know the prices of the cards and boxes if bought from the UAE, as I am based in Spain.

  43. how much is official bein sports HD1000sHD and when available

  44. limada yatim tghyir kola aame bean sport tadaaon kanone jadid hada lkanon yokalif amwal katira nahno fokara laysa aghniya fi lmaghrib naachak korat kadam

  45. dima raja dakchi 3lach kono diro dawre lmaghribi ok

  46. I have bein IRHD-1000s receiver but I cant see free channels any solution

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  48. Dear sir!
    Formarly, I used superMax and your smartcard to watch English premier league and Laliga. With the new notification is it possible to use the new one with this receiver or is iy mandatory to have humax receiver? Thanks

  49. Hai I have irhd 3000 but register put wrong serial no and pair recver no last 2 they add 8 now what the solution pls reply me. Place saudi

  50. j’ai acqui dernirement en arabie seoudite 1 recepteur satelite HUMAX IR 3000 HD sans abonnement
    je reside en ALGERIE et je suis actuelement en FRANCE me renseigner s.v.p ou je peu me procurer la carte d’abonnement pour 1 annee inclu la coupe du monde sur satelite Nilsat

    • Hi, you could always contact the person wher you bought the box from in Saudi to get the card for you.
      At the moment, I am not doing any BeIN cards, at least until the new PL starts again…

  51. It is universally agreed that having the right to monopoly doesn’t at all mean to get things much more complicated.The Bein team actually went further and further in getting things the worst at all.
    Logically I can say, I can pay the money you need for the product you offer to enjoy myself not to spend so much time uselessly in how to register, how to update, how to get the channels working properly…… etc. Things never go like that.

  52. I have two slot humax and card can i buy humax free and you pair it with my card i have

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  54. am in Kenya and I need the Humax free HD can you help me

  55. How do I change the channel listing on the new Bein Satellite Receiver. Is the Hi def dig 1722AJS.
    I am in Iraq and the instructions are in Arabic. Also all instructions are in Arabic, can I change the language setting to English? Thanks.

  56. I am in NIgeria; how much will it cost me to obtain a bein sport decorder plus one year subscription??

  57. if i have the bein 1000s hd will it show the premeir league epl if registered

  58. Where is the agent of bein sport in ethiopia??

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  60. Hi guys,how do i get Bein decorder?am currently in uganda.

  61. Can it be used in Nigeria and how can it be gotten?

    • As far as I know it can be received in Nigeria.
      But Nigeria is not a MENA” country, so you will have to find someone who can supply you with the card and decoder, as BeIN may not officially supply Nigeria

  62. Please who can I contact in Nigeria to get a beIN decoder and smart card.

  63. Hi now i bougth new bein in sudan yestay with ful one year subscreation nw i rech south sudan i conect it iz tilling me that scramble and where am staying there z no dealer n no office 4 being sport can u chek 4 me it plz?

  64. Hi, am in Kenya Mombasa can i get a dealer who can supply me with your decoder and card and what is your subscription fee

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  66. Where is the agent of bein in ethiopia

  67. please my card has problem can your office assist me

  68. I find your responses to people’s enquiries very helpful.Which west african countries do you ship beinsports products to?

  69. I am currently living in Kanya (Nairobi) and I have got my official Bein sports receiver and card with me from Egypt, so my question is, if I was able to get the nilesat signal here, should I able able to watch bein sports channels, knowing that my subscription in Egypt is still valid.

  70. FYI: there are no official dealers here in Kenya as Kenya is not part of MENA. Only a few with the right connections.One can try OLX Kenya but there is no guarantee of quality

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  72. My cards is not open…..my card numbers 7501514157 please open my card…….Thank you gods bells you…….

  73. Where Can I Find bein sport saller receiver in addis ababa

    • Ethiopia is not part of Mena (Middle East and North Africa) so there will be no official authorised BeIN Sports dealers there.
      But I would suggest any satellite shop there will be able to help you

  74. Hi bought in Bein sport receiver From Algeria then I took it to ngland now all the sport cannels not working if you can help me please .thiS is the wrong viewing card for this bein receiver
    Ca I’d is:813003149309512
    Smart card:007504180386 (14)
    Thank you

    • Depends what you mean by not working – perhaps your dish is not large enough to receive the bein signals?
      or your subscription has run out and needs renewing – in which case contact the agent who sold you the box.

  75. hi… am living in the gambia I want to renew my beinsport card.. and the guy who bought it for me is in sudan and he is the one who should renew it over there.. what information do I need to send him to renew the card when coming from there…

  76. do you have dealers in mombasa kenya? can i subscribe for bein sports in mombasa kenya

    • I don’t think Kenya is part of the MENA area, so there will be no official BeIN dealers there – that does not mean there will not be anyone there to help out unofficially..

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  78. Hello Bein team,
    Am currently using the Hummax decoder in Uganda obtained from Sudan. Two weeks back, the decoder could not search when switched on and simply brings a simple arabic logo.The following message appears on the screan
    press the standby button to restart the system.

    Also “bE1” appears on the decoder with the red light flishing alternating with the green/apple light.
    What can I do to regain my normal channels?
    Thank you

    • HI,
      Sorry, but we are nothing to do with BeIN.
      But it does sound as if you have a problem with your receiver.
      Best to contact your supplier, where you got the box from.

  79. I want to buy bein sport but I am a Sierra leonean,but worry is how to recharge the card coz there is no bein sport centre in sierrà Leone?thank you.

  80. Please I really want to buy Bein Sports Decoder and subscription but I would like to know if the Bein Sports channels 1HD to 10HD have English language commentary options? ?

    • Bein 11 12 and 13 are English language channels.
      1-10 are Arabic… but sometime they do have English commentary…but not all the time.

  81. Hi, I am living in Ethiopia and I have Bein receiver and smart card. Last year I have subscribed the sport package from the local dealer who sold me the equipment. This year to renew my package I would like to do it myself from internet. Is there any solution ? The dealer is really overcharging due to its illegal position. Please I am waiting for your advice. Thank you.

    • Well it will be hard to do it yourself as Ethiopia is not in the MENA region that BeIN operates in…and as far as I know you need a mobile for the countryyour card is registered in…which is why you need to go thru a dealer in one of the MENA countries…

  82. Hello Sir, how I could activate my vein sports card ?

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