Jul 042017

Quest and Quest Red join Freesat

As we mentioned last week ( ) two new channesl have been added to Freesat today, Quest and Quest Red

The Quest channels are now available to watch on Freesat channel numbers 167 and 169.

The male-orientated Quest features popular shows such as Salvage Hunters, Wheeler Dealers and Spanish Civil War with Michael Portillo. While the female-skewed Quest Red features programmes including Say Yes to the Dress, Long Lost Family US and Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff.

Jun 272017

Reports are that the Discovery owned channels Quest and Quest Red will soon be available on Freesat.

Although nothing has yet been officially announced, Freesat data tables on the satellites show that these channels have been allocated Freesat channel numbers.

Quest will be on Freesat channel 167
Quest Red will be on Freesat channel 169

Presumably the gaps (168 and 170) will mean that the usual “+1” services will be joining at some point too.

Quest is part of the Discovery group of channels, and shows older content from Discovery channels, but has also recently showed some live sports (Eurosport is part of Discovery). Quest Red is skewed towards female viewers.

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