Rafelcofer, Valenica


Rafelcofer, Valenica, Spain

Rafelcofer is a municipality in the Provinces of Valencia , the autonomous community of Spains autonomous region of Valencia, area of 1.98 square kilometre with a population of 1395 inhabitants (2004) and equally population density of 704.55 per sq. km.

Rafelcofer is located 74 km south of the city of Valencia, 6 km south of Gandia, a 34.2 km north of the city of Denia, a 42.5 km al East Xátiva and 106 km north of Alicante. The town is bounded on the north by the towns of Bellreguard and Palma to the east by Alqueria de Comtessa, and to the south by Beniarjo and Benifla.

There is evidence of human presence dating to the second century BC, the “Iron Age”, at the site excavated in the mountains of Rabat. It is a fortress, with several access openings and scattered remains of the walls of buildings. In the foothills of Rabat, close to the Muntanyeta San Miguel, near the road that went from Saetabis (Xátiva) to the port of Dianium (Denia), found some areas with ceramic material belonging to the first and second century BC.

Rafelcofer became habited around the time of the Chrisitan conquest of 1239. Towards the end 1527 there lived 125 people, mostly Moorish. After the decree of expulsion of the Moors, the town was practically depopulated, but soon after began a repopulation, mainly with people from neighbouring towns. In 1826 started the boom in its population with 750 inhabitants, and despite the outbreak of cholera that appeared throughout the nineteenth century, Rafelcofer placed their population at 1,877 to 1,609 inhabitants.

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