Jun 022015

Sky channel shuffle – some channels get new numbers from the 9th June


With the merger of Sky Arts 1 and 2 to form a single channel, Sky Arts, there will also be some channel number changes.

These channel number are on the Sky platform and will take place on the 9th June 2015.

These are the key confirmed changes taking place on 9th June:

Sky 1+1 moves to channel 130 (was 172)
Sky 2 moves to channel 129 (was 121)
Sky 3D on channel 170 is closed.
Sky Arts moves to channel 121 (was 129/130)
Sky Atlantic+1 moves to channel 170 (was 173)
Sky Living It moves to channel 172 (was 222)
Sky Living It+1 moves to channel 173 (was 223)




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