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Cardsharing : Sky Italia down, Sky Germany and Sky UK next…? — 12 Comments

    Well it looks like italian isp provider will be even more bissey .with people wanting to watch uk packages ? Through iptv/ android devices . Looks like dish systems will be finnished in a couple of years.if what you say is correct.

    January 8, 2016
    talian broadband accesses surpassed 14.7 million homes in September, representing a growth of 530,000 units on the same period in 2014, according to the quarterly report of the Communications Authority (AgCom).

    ADSL lines dropped by 170,000 units y/y, to around 12.9 million, while broadband accesses that use other technologies grew by 690,000 units y/y to around 1.8 million.

      • Sky Q Box
        Well what is going to be available to view on dishes in the future ? These new boxes require no cards. And are based on internet connection with dish our without dish.this my be the last sky card change Sky need to do?.and with fibre optic
        Getting more avalable every month.in the future every uk house holds will have internet connection just like electricity ?

        The current rollout of superfast broadband is on track to deliver coverage to 95 per cent of the UK by 2017
        All new build property’s are Equipped for internet connection.
        We will have to wait and see how it pans out .

        • SkyQ offers live TV via satellite, and catchup via internet.
          But SkyQ Mini box connects to your main SkyQ box and streams from that.
          Not too sure if the new boxes need cards or not, true it may rely on your internet connection, but it does look as if the SkyQ box has a viewing card slot…
          Given SkyHD is now 10 years old, and not every one yet has a SkyHD box, and that SkyQ is a premium service, I cannot see everyone moving to it in the next 5 years… they do card changes every 5 years.
          Perhaps something will happen at the end of these satellites lifespan, but then UHDTV maybe coming into play more, and satellite has more capacity to delivery more UHD services, than most internet services.

  2. so they are going to upgrade 200,000 customers and charge them more for HD and give them new HD compatabile tvs?

    • Well for starters, they have (or will be) dropping the “extra” HD charge for Sky Movies…
      Next they only have to give people a new HD box…. they dont need to give HD compatible HD TVs to all those people…as you can watch HD channels on an SD TV no problem – although obviously, they will not be in HD….
      And they upgraded for free all Thomson Sky HD customers to newer sky HD boxes…so it has been done before. 200,000 out of 10m+ subscribers is not that large a number

  3. the movie channels are rubbish anyway everyone uses kodi for movies which most new sat boxes have built in.the sale of mag boxes will go through the roof very soon I predict and the subs will drop instantly due to competition from other servers.

  4. explains why sky are now giving away a free 32 ” free hd tv with every package deal they sell the hd bt sports channels are just finishing here in uk so hopefully we get a decent run out of sd channels before they eventually go

  5. End of cc cam sky has an ounce in May 2017 A new update that will ride the cc cam service with a virus soon virgin media will do the same cc cam first started in 1998 could this be the end of the Card sharing

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