Mar 182016

Test transmissions have started on satellite as Sky prepare to launch their new Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV service.

The Sky UHD service is expected to launch in a few months time.

Earlier this week, Sky’s Director of Strategy, Nick Herm, said that UHD would arrive on the platform by summer.

Sky’s UHD service will be available to subscribers that have taken up newly launched SkyQ service.

However, no details of the scope and pricing of Sky UHD have been announced.

The UHD test transmissions can be found on the Astra 2E satellite:

Frequency 10.743
Polarisation: H
Symbol rate: 23000
FEC: 2/3
Mode: DVB-S2 8PSK
Service IDs: ‘9000’ and ‘9006’ linking to the same videostream

(Please note that this service requires an Ultra HD satellite receiver and is encrypted!)


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