Jan 232019

Food Network & Travel Channel: new satellite frequencies

Food Network and Travel Channel are both operated by Discovery Networks.

In the last few weeks, Discovery have been changing frequencies of some of the satellite channels.

This also meant that DMAX, which was pay, is now free to air.

Now Food Network and Travel Channels are changing frequencies, and also moving to the UK “spot” beam.

Food Network and Travel Channels new frequencies are as follows:

Satellite: Astra 2E 28.2°E
Frequency: 12382
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 5/6
Service ID: 2904 Travel
2908 Travel+1
2910 Food Network
2912 Food Netwk+1

Sky and Freesat receivers will automatically update to these new frequencies. Users of other satellite receivers will need to perform a rescan on the new frequency.

The switch will also mean that the picture quality of the affected services should also improve, with the 544×576 resolution versions being replaced by full SD resolution versions, using a resolution of 720×576.

However, these two channels are also moving beams.
They used to be on the European beam, nice and easy to receive across Spain.
But they are now moving to Discovery channels UK beam – the same beam as the SD versions of Discovery channels, and Quest.
So reception of these channels will change, and become harder to receive than before.
It is a good indicator of whether a dish is well aligned or not.
In my service area, a well aligned 110x120cm or 125x135cm dish should be able to receive these channels with no problems.
Dishes smaller than these mesurements, or badly aligned dishes, will not.


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