LNB Settings For Sky Digiboxes


LNB Settings For Sky Digiboxes Costa Blanca Spain

A Low Noise Block or LNB is a device mounted on the dish, designed collect and amplify the satellite signals and convert them from a high frequency to a lower frequency. LNBs can be controlled to receive signals with different polarisation (horizontal and vertical). The signals can then be carried down the cable cable to a satellite receiver

Should the LNB settings on your Sky TV digibox be set up incorrectly, then your Sky digibox may not work correctly. You could even find that, for example, if you select Sky Channel 501 – Sky News – you could end up watching a completely different channel altogether! This will be down to the fact that the incorrect settings are changing the frequencies that the Sky digibox is wanting to use.

To change the LNB Settings For Sky Digiboxes

Press Services on your remote control
Type 4 0 (zero) 1 and then select – if done correctly you will be looking at the “secret” installers set up menu
Option 1 should be LNB Setup

The correct LNB Settings For Sky Digiboxes for Sky TV in Spain are:
LNB Type – Standard
Low Band Frequency – 9.75
Hi Band Frequency – 10.60
LNB Power Supply – On
22khz Command – On

Should any of these setting be different then you can either manually change them using the remote control, number keys and left and right arrow buttons, or press the RED button on the remote control to automatically set the LNB setting to the default ones used by the Sky digibox.

The default settings are the one settings to use – there are no other “best” LNB settings to use, as these are the only correct LNB Settings For Sky Digiboxes.