Widescreen TV Settings On A Sky Box

Most new TV programmes are made in widescreen, but you need to tell your Sky digibox (set-top) box that you have a widescreen television set or you will just see stretched picture full of fat people. So, how do you do this…?

This guide will show you how to change your Sky Digibox Widescreen TV Settings from “normal” to “widescreen” settings so that you are able to enjoy more picture.

1. Press the Services button on your Sky remote control.

2. Choose SYSTEM SETUP by pressing 4. (Alternatively, you can move the cursor down to option 4 then press Select.)

3. Choose PICTURE SETTINGS by pressing 1 (or Select)

4. Chances are your box will be set to the factory default of 4:3. This is not correct for a 16:9 widescreen television.

5. Pressing the right arrow on the Sky remote will change the 4:3 setting to 4:3L – letterbox. Pressing the right arrow again will change the setting to 16: 9.

6. You now have to save your changes by moving the cursor down to the Save New Settings. Now press Select to Save.

7. Finally, press the SKY button, top centre, your TV picture will return and you are done. You can now enjoy true widescreen pictures.