Mar 242013

Below is an image taken from an SES Astra presentation earlier this month.

It shows the three new UK TV satellites, and their expected launch and operational dates.

The first new UK TV satellite, Astra 2F, is already in operation.

The seconds new satellite, Astra 2E, will not be launched until July 2013, and is expected not to be in operation until September 2013.

And not August, as many expected.

So it looks like BBC ITV C4 channels will not be moving to this new satellite until September 2013.

Until Astra 2E is operational, no-one will know what its reception will be like in Spain. Anyone, including satellite TV installers in Spain, who says they know what Astra 2Es reception will be like in Spain, and the require dish sized to receive Astra 2E, is only speculating. You cannot even use Astra 2Fs reception in Spain as a benchmark, as each satellites reflectors will be different, and thus so will the satellites signal footprint.