Dec 012012

Is Freesat TV in Spain as good as Sky TV in Spain?

Freesat digiboxes receive the same “free to air” satellite television channels as a Sky box.

Free to air channels are those channels that do not require a Sky viewing card to watch.

So a Sky box with no viewing card receives the same channels as a Freesat box.

Freesat boxes in Spain use the same satellites and sa,e frequencies for the channels as a Sky box in Spain uses.

There are no seperate Freesat satellites, or special Freesat frequencies that can be used that are any different than a Sky box in Spain uses.

So if you are in Spain, and want UK TV in Spain, then if you are in an area of Spain that requires a 2.4m Portuguese satellite dish for reception of BBC TV for a Sky digibox in Spain, then you will still need a 2.4m Portuguese satellite dish for reception of BBC TV using a Freesat box in Spain.

There are some differences between using a Freesat box in Spain and using a Sky digibox in Spain. Obviously, a Sky box will be able to read and use a Sky card, where are the Freesat box cannot, which is useful for the few “free to view” channels like Sony TV, Motors TV and Viva TV. A Freesat HD PVR is able to record onto its built in hard disk drive, yet to record using the built in hard disk drive on a Sky+ or Sky+HD digibox you need to be a Sky TV subscriber. These differences ar the same whether you are watching UK TV in Spain, UK TV in France, UK TV in Italy or in England.


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  1. i had new dish fitted 3yrs ago with 1 out out lnb . I am know want to increase lnb to 4 outputs to have each tv sat with own reciever box so watching sat tv in lounge whilst watching different channel another room i stay in murcia region if ifir inverto black ultra 4 output lnb will i still have good viewing on tv for sat freesat system

    • You may, but you may also find that some other LNBs perform slightly better, but of course it also depends on what size and type of dish you have ( An offset IUB LNB is not designed for a prime focus dish!), and if that is accurately aligned….

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