Jul 102019

Freesports confirms HD launch on Freesat

Freesports has confirmed that its Freesports HD channel will also be available to Freesat customers when it launches later this month.

Originally Freesports had only confirmed its HD channel would be launched on Sky TV on the 15th July 2019, with mentioned of a Freesat launch missing.

But it has now confirmed that it will also launch its HD channel on Freesat shortly after it has been added to Sky.

“Yes this will also include FreeSports going HD on Freesat”

On both Sky HD and Freesat HD boxes, Freesports HD will automatically appear on the number currently used by the standard definition channel on Sky UK and Freesat channel lists.

Sky Channel 422
Freesat Channel 252

Freesports covers a wide range of sport, from DTM racing, MLS, World Rallycross, World Snooker Seniors, to mention a few.


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