Oct 212020

ITV1 has had a SD / HD channel swap today.

This swap has seen Sky and Freesat box users allocated ITV1HD on channel 103 (this should be automatic for Sky and Freesat box users).

This may means that some people may have “lost” ITV1 on 103, as they have been allocated

a weak signal ITV1HD region.

This may be because their dish is of the wrong type, the wrong size for your location, or not aligned correctly, or your LNB is a poor make of LNB or that too is not aligned correctly.

In my service area a 125x135cm satellite dish should receive all ITV1 HD frequencies. Any smaller dish, may not receive ITV1 HD and may have to use the alternate SD versions.

The SD versions have moved to Sky 803 and Freesat 111 (where the HD versions used to be). Or if a Freesat user, perform a new Freesat scan and choose another UK postcode to be offered another ITV1 HD region, that you may be able to receive

This is all part of ITV offering more ITV1HD regions, which we have mentioned in the past few weeks ( ITV Changes 20th October…Some SD channels closing, more HD channels. )


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