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Lost Channel 4 in Spain and have a Sky card – try this… — 19 Comments

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    • If you follow the process correctly, doing this should not make you lose all channels.
      All it does is ask your box to scan and store channels on a different frequency.
      It is possible if that frequency is unavailable where you are, it may “block” the box, but as you found , a simply reboot and everything comes back.

    • same thing happened to me, followed instructions perfectly

      be nice to get this to work but for me at least it does not work

      • It does work, if your dish is large enough, if your dish is aligned correctly, if you are in an area that you can actually receive the signals, and if you have a valid working sky card.

  2. Worked perfectly for me! I have a Sky subscription card. Got C4, E4 and More4 back. Great advice, simple instructions. Big THANK YOU!

    • All BBC channels are already of the Sky guide – so you do not have to add anything.
      AS BBCs and ITVs are all on the same satellite, on the same beam, usually if you cannot get them via the channel list, then you will not get them by any other means.

      C4 is difference as the Irish C4 I on a different satellite and beam to the free “uk” versions are, hence its better reception.

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  4. Hi,
    I’ve got a technomate 5402hd box with a sky subscription. I’m struggling to get channel 4 using your instructions. The signal is too weak on this frequency. I’m getting e4 hd, more 4 hd and film 4 hd OK.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    • If the signal is too weak, then your dish is not large enough, or your dish needs realignment.
      YOu wil gete4 hd, more 4 hd and film 4 hd as they are on a different satellite beam to their SD versions.

  5. Tried your get Channel4 back, it works but I need a Sky Viewing card my old 077 278 448does not work. I have been using FreeSat, Sky box been in storage.

    • Yes, like it says it need a non subscription viewing card – a “white” sky card that is working!
      Blue cards do not work, do not open any channels, and only do the regionalisation for 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105.

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  8. hi
    what i did to get irish channels back was to delete them
    then re entered 12840 etc they then came back
    ps i live in north tenerife

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