Feb 112019

Satellite installers in Spain still not knowing about their job!

Saw this recently posted on an internet forum :

“I have a vast knowledge of satellite…we all know is not legal and technically neither is a dish as no one is getting licence fee’s”

Anyone with “vast knowledge of satellite” would actually tell you that it is not illegal (technically or not!) to have a satellite dish, and you can legally receive and watch UK TV via a satellite dish in Spain.

The UK licence fee is only applicable to UK households, and does not apply to any other country. It is a tax on all UK premises that want to watch live TV (from any country) and BBC iPlayer.

As long as you abide by the TV licensing laws of the country you are living in, then you can receive and watch TV form any country… Spain has no TV licence system…so watching TV from any country in Spain via a dish is legal.


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