Mar 172021

More ITV1 SD regions set to close in April 2021

ITV have announced that they will be closing down more ITv1 SD (standard definition) regional variations on satellite.

A similar exercise happened in late 2020, when a number of smaller ITV1 regions closed down ( )

The changes are required to help free up satellite capacity for making all ITV1 HD regions and sub regions HD only.

As a result of these changes in April, viewers will

still be able to watch ITV1 in SD, but will find the regional news offered to them is no longer their own micro region of news.

For example, ITV1 Tyne Tees and ITv1 Yorkshire West viewers will see ITv1 Granada local news.

ITV1 Central East, Westcountry East ,and Westcountry West will be see ITV1 Central West local news.

But the local news will be available on ITV1 HD, on channel 103 on both Sky and Freesat receivers, as these micro regions are expanded, with the aim of making ALL ITV1 regions and sub regions HD only in the near future.

For users in Spain, some people may find their satellite dish is now too small, or not aligned correctly, or using a poor make of dish, or poor make of LNB, and cannot receive ITV1 HD on 103. However you should still have access to ITV1 SD on Sky channel 803..but it may not have your relevant local news.


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