Feb 202016

Internet TV – IPTV Spain

We are now offering IPTV (Internet TV) Systems.

IPTV Spain

Three packages available :

IPTV Package 1: UK TV Lite – Our basic IPTV Package

IPTV Package 2: UK TV Full – Our most popular IPTV Package – the UK TV Full Package with 14 Day Catch Up, “TV series boxsets” and “Movie Club”

IPTV Package 3: UK TV Full + EPL – Our popular IPTV Package for football fans – the UK TV Full + EPL Package with 14 Day Catch Up, “TV series boxsets” and “Movie Club”

Monthly and Yearly payments available.

More information and prices :

Feb 132015

This weeks satellite TV news – 13 February 2015

Our weekly round up of the latest satellite TV news, including news about Sky TV in Spain, Freesat in Spain, UK TV in Spain, Spanish TV in Spain, and Internet IPTV in Spain.

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Apr 182014

Our news and free help and advice forum at
UK Satellite TV Installations:

There are 11 subscription free HD TV channels available via satellite, including BBC1HD, BBC2HD, BBC3HD, BBC4HD, ITV1HD and C4HD.
Much better image resolution on a HD TV than a TV rebroadcaster or internet IPTV system!

Satellite Dish Installations in my service area (Calpe to Valencia) :

a 100x110cm (1.1m) satellite dish will work for people with limited space. Standard installation of this dish is from 200 euros.

a 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish would provide better reception and is the “recommended” dish for my area. Standard installation of this dish of from 275 euros.

More information on our 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish installations:
Wall of Shame – we have updated our Wall Of Shame’s fourth page to show some of the poor installations we have come across and been asked to fix.
Astra 2C : UK TV moves into position for back up purposes – and if some UK TV channels do move on to Astra 2C then there should be no worries about reception in Spain, due it its very generous footprint.


Live sport on Sky Sports this Easter


F1 : Chinese Grand Prix:
Live on Sky Sports, BeIN SPorts, Antenna 3.
Highlights on BBC Sport

2014 Snooker World Championships – coverage on BBC One and Eurosport

Full 24: Live Another Day Trailer – On Sky One in May!

Feb 232014

Telefónica has agreed a multi-year rights deal which will see it launch a dedicated F1 channel on its IPTV platform Movistar TV.

The agreement with Formula One Management, the commercial rights-holder for the motor racing series, starts with the forthcoming 2014 F1 season.

Telefónica said that the new channel will provide live coverage of all races, Qualifying and Practice sessions through any connected device, both inside and outside the home.

Movistar F1 will also include original content and supplementary information about the sport.

The new channel will launch in time for the 2014 season-opener in Melbourne, Australia on March 16.

Coverage will be free of commercial breaks during live coverage.

Coverage will include access to up to six different feeds – similar to that offered by the Sky Sports F1 service.

Spanish commercial broadcaster Antena 3 and Catalan public-service broadcaster TV3 last month agreed extensions to rights deals for Formula 1 covering the 2014 and 2015 seasons.



Feb 112014

I got a phone call this evening from a “IPTV” retailer, trying to “recruit” me, by saying all of Spain will only get UK TV via the internet by this week…as no satellite signals would be available in Spain….

There followed a few moments of silence after I mentioned I was getting UK TV fine on my 80cm satellite dish where I was!

“That’s not possible” he said…”all the signals have gone and switched off in Spain…no-one can receive anything”.

…as i turned up the volume enough for him to hear the TV – and then changed over to several channels to prove I was still getting signals.

“That’s not possible. That’s not possible. There are no Sky TV signals in Spain any more.”…he kept on saying…

as I started to watch the BBC Inside Out exposure on internet TV piracy….about providing pay tv channels without the correct subscription and viewing cards….

Oct 042013

Even now, there continues to b rumours and scaremongering being spread about the future of UK satellite TV in Spain, and this time some “misinformation” about the official Astra 2E UK Spot Beam Predicted Signal Footprint Map, and the new Astra 2Es reception in Spain.

Astra 2E UK Spot Beam Predicted Signal Footprint Map

The official Astra signal footprint map shows SES Astra’s prediction of their new satellites UK beam for users with a 45cm satellite dish and 60cm satellite dish.

As in the past, most of these rumours are from people who sell IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV. They state as a fact that anyone outside that “60cm satellite dish” contour will not be able to receive ANY signals at all.

This is incorrect. Just because the map does not show data outside that 60cm dish contour, for people using larger satellite dishes, this does not mean that no signals will be available in those areas.

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Aug 262013

The following image is being used by one retailer of IPTV systems, and basically using scare tactics and incorrect information about the potential loss of UK TV in Europe into pressuring people into buying their product.

Their image shows Europe, and a signal footprint for the new UK TV satellite, Astra 2E, scheduled for launch on the 15th September, and to be operational later in the year.

Their image sayings that any people in the RED area will not be able to receive any UK TV signals, specifically BBC ITV C4 and Fives, from this new satellite.


The map they have used is an SES Astra predicted signal footprint map showing the predicted coverage where a 45cm and 60cm satellite dish is expected to receive those signals. The inner blue area on the map is the expected area of reception for a satellite dish of 45cm. The outer blue area on the map is the expected area of reception for a satellite dish of 60cm.

See the original Astra 2E signal footprint reception map here:

The map simply does not show what size dish will be required for many people in those RED areas.

Their suggestion that anyone living in a RED area will not get any signals for these UK TV channels is incorrect.

They are ignoring what the map they have used actually shows, which is the predicted reception for users with a 45cm and 60cm dish. The map does not say anything at all about reception in other areas of Europe, with people using larger dishes.

This “promotional pack” is saying that ANYONE living in the red area will lose the BBC ITV C4 and Five channels, ignoring the fact that a) no-one will know what reception of the new satellite will be like until it is launched and operational, and b) how they are misrepresenting what the map is actually showing for their own gain.

And this map is the same map for the first new satellite, Astra 2F, which can be received in most areas of Spain. For example in the Valencia area, this satellite can be received on a 1m satellite dish, which does disprove this maps reception inside the RED area!


This is just another example of many of how deceitful some IPTV and Internet TV sellers can be, into scaring people into buying a system that they may not need.

I wonder if Trading Standards in the UK, where the company that issues this advertisement says it is registered, can do anything about such misleading and false advertising….

Remember, if and when the new satellite does come into operation, and you are in an area that can receive the satellite signals, then you are best to invest in a satellite TV system rather than an IPTV systems. Especially so if you want image quality and high definition images for live UK TV. Many of these IPTV / Internet tv services offer low quality low resolutions for their live UK TV services, sometimes with a resolution as low as 400. Normal TV has a resolution of 576, and high definition has a resolution of 1080. Thus you can see that these systems, although they may sounds good, simply do not offer the image quality that can be offered by direct from satellite TV systems.

See examples of the image quality offered by IPTV / Internet TV systems for live UK TV channels here:

Jun 092013

Galaxy Innovations GI Genius Smart TV IPTV Satellite Receiver Satellite System

The Galaxy Innovations Genius Smart TV digital satellite receiver is an easy way to receive hundreds of channels, free and subscription. It performs well on the Costa Blanca.

It has a USB port to allow you to record onto a USB pendrive / stick.

The Galaxy Innovations Genius Smart TV satellite receiver can also read your Sky card.

The Galaxy Innovations Genius Smart TV satellite receiver can also be used to watch UK TV, movies, series, and other countries TV, via the internet.

With this High Definition Linux IPTV satellite receiver, you can have the best TV from both worlds – direct from the satellite or from the internet.

Use with a satellite dish, and receive your UK TV channels in high definition and Dolby 5.1 digital audio.

Channel list BBC1HD, BBC2HD, ITV1HD and C4HD are all available in super stunning crystal clear high definition.

Use by connecting to your ADSL Internet router, and you can receive the UK TV channels streamed from the internet.

Unlike some IPTV services that charge 20€ per month, these channels are available for free, with no monthly subscription.

More information :

May 212013

Interesting to hear that some companies offering “IPTV” in Spain, as ring people up and saying “You will lose your Satellite TV later this year, but our IPTV system will work fine”

A few points:
a) How do these companies know what the signal will be like in Spain for a satellite that has not yet left the factory, and will not be operational until September?
b) How do these companies know if all of Spain will be affected or only some areas be affected – like the fact between Alicante and Valencia we can get the first new satellite nice and easily on a 1m satellite dish…
c) No matter what, you will always be able to receive SOME UK TV channel via satellite, as some of the channels are on a “European beam” which is nice and easy to receive, and some channels are not even on the Astra satellites that are being replaced!
d) They fail to mention what the quality of IPTV / internet TV is like – which is pretty poor when you watch it on your 50” HD TV – especially when compared to the full 1080 HD image which you can get on Freesat HD and Sky HD – which you can get on a 1m satellite dish!

True, later this year things may change, they may not, they may change for the better, they may change for the worse.

But until it happens, no-one knows for sure.

So why do these companies insist that they know that all of UK TV in Spain will end later this year, and try to confuse and scare people into thinking they will lose their UK TV channels in Spain come the new satellites, Oh I know – doom and gloom for sales purposes, and to confuse people into buying something when in fact, come September, all UK TV may still be available in Spain!

May 092013

Telefónica has launched a new version of its IPTV service, called ‘Movistar TV’ and featuring a more innovative and user-friendly interface and expanded content lineup, along with TV Everywhere features.

The new service replaces ‘Movistar Imagenio’, launched back in 2002 and powered by an Alcatel-Lucent platform since 2006, offering a range of PVR and time-shifting features, but only available in major urban areas.

Telefónica has been steadily losing its hard-won IPTV subscribers for a while now, reporting earlier today (May 8th) that it lost 50,000 in the first quarter of this year to reach a total of 659,000.

Movistar TV was designed with input from existing subscribers, with pilot tests conducted in the province of Castile and León, and 80% of participants rating the new version as very relevant to their needs.

In terms of new content, the new service includes the channel GolT2 International, offering Champions League football, and now features a total of 18 HD channels (including Canal+, Fox and National Geographic).

May 092013

Spanish telecom giant Telefonica reported first-quarter earnings Wednesday, revealing that revenue fell 10 percent to €14.1 billion ($18.5 billion), even as net income grew 20.6 percent to €902 million ($1.1 billion).

The company reported that it lost 51,000 pay-TV subscribers in Spain in Q1.

Spain’s Telefonica continues to lose pay-TV (IPTV Spain) customers in its domestic market at a worrying rate, with 50k leaving in the first quarter of this year alone to reach 659k, although its Latin American operations helped partially rebalance these losses.

Across Europe as a whole, Telefónica saw its pay-TV customer base shrink 17% in the first quarter of this year on an annual basis to reach 852k

Revenue from Telefonica’s financially-strapped home market dropped 16 percent in part due to record-breaking 27 percent unemployment in Spain and increased competition from smaller rivals offering cheaper packages of voice, broadband and TV.

Telefonica CEO Cesar Alierta said the mixed results reflect “a progressive stabilization of the business and a greater degree of diversification, together with the constant improvement in the financial position.”