Oct 042013

Even now, there continues to b rumours and scaremongering being spread about the future of UK satellite TV in Spain, and this time some “misinformation” about the official Astra 2E UK Spot Beam Predicted Signal Footprint Map, and the new Astra 2Es reception in Spain.

Astra 2E UK Spot Beam Predicted Signal Footprint Map

The official Astra signal footprint map shows SES Astra’s prediction of their new satellites UK beam for users with a 45cm satellite dish and 60cm satellite dish.

As in the past, most of these rumours are from people who sell IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV. They state as a fact that anyone outside that “60cm satellite dish” contour will not be able to receive ANY signals at all.

This is incorrect. Just because the map does not show data outside that 60cm dish contour, for people using larger satellite dishes, this does not mean that no signals will be available in those areas.

The map shows no data for people in other areas using larger dishes, simply because either Astra do not know themselves, or they simply have decided not to publish that information.

Yes, some areas will be affected more than other areas. Some may find that they can still use smaller 1m, 1.25m, 1.4m and 1.8m satellite dishes in Spain for reception of their UK TV.

Also, the Astra 2E UK Spot Beam Predicted Signal Footprint Map is the exact same maps as the Astra 2F UK Spot Beam Predicted Signal Footprint Map. So whereas some IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV sellers say no satellite signals will be available in Spain at all, this is contrary to the evidence we have for Astra 2F, which can be received, for example, in the Valencia and Costa Blanca areas on a minimum of 1m satellite dish.

At least if you are in a good satellite signal reception area, then you will be able to watch your favourite BBC1, ITV1 C4 channels in full HD , subscription free, with no buffering, on your nice large HD TV, something which many Internet TV / IPTV systems simply cannot offer at the moment due to internet speed and bandwidth restrictions.


  4 Responses to “Astra 2E Signal Reception Map – addressing the rumours about what this map shows”

  1. Hi,

    When / If the Costa del Sol loses the freeview channels if somebody has a Sky HD Subscription will they still recieve the HD channels from Sky?

  2. Neil:
    BBC ITV C4 are channels that are nothing to do with Sky, no do they need a Sky subscription.
    If you liv in an area where you cannot receive BBCHD ITVHD C4 HD, then a sky HD subscription will not help – simply these channels are not part of the Sky subscription package.
    As for the Sky HD pay channels, it all depends which satellite beams they put the channels on…if they are on the European beam, then they should be no problem. If they are on a UK beam, then some areas of Spain may have reception issues, and may need to upgrade to a larger dish.
    But for some areas, where some Sky pay channels still require a 2.4m dish, it may also mean that these channels may be available on much smaller dishes.

    • Thanks for that. I’m talking about people who can recieve and pay for Sky HD Packages.
      If they pay Sky for the HD Channels, BBC1 HD, Channel4 HD, will they still recieve them when the freeview channels are moved?
      I was under the opinion that if they pay Sky for these HD Channels then Sky have to provide these HD Channels?

  3. Neil: Again BBC1HD BBC2HD, ITV1HD C4HD are nothing to do with Sky, and are all available without a Sky subscription. It makes no difference if you subscribe to Sky HD or not, these HD channels are nothing to do with Sky or any Sky subscription package.
    If you do lose them where you are, subscribing to SkyHD will not return them.
    ITV2HD, ITV3HD and ITV54 HD are the only ITV HD channels available as part of the Sky HD package.

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