Oct 092014

Motors TV has joined the line-up of Freeview, the terrestrial TV service in the UK.


Motors TV is the first dedicated sports channel broadcasting free-to-air on the Freeview platform since Sky Sports News was pulled in 2010.

Motors TV is on Freeview channel 71, but viewers need a Freeview HD certified box or TV to receive it.

A Freeview HD certified box or TV is required as the Motors TV signal is being broadcast on the same digital multiplex of channels, using a newer codec used for Freeview HD, but also increasingly standard definition channels – which is why a Freeview HD certified device is needed for a standard definition service.

UK Freeview is NOT available in Spain.

Although many of the Freeview channels are available via Freesat, Motors TV via satellite requires a Sky “free to view” viewing card.


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