Feb 102014

As I posted a few days ago, it is expected that the remaining ITV channels (ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4) that are currently on Astra 1N, will to the Astra 2E’s UK beam in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 11th. February.

This will mean that reception in areas like Spain will change.

And reception of these channels will be the very similar to that of the BBC channels that have recently moved to the same UK spot beam.

That move of the BBC channels to the Astra 2E UK spot beam last week, caused many expats in some areas of Spain to lose these channel on their current satellite dishes. These areas include :

south western areas of Spain – like the Costa del Sol – where it has been reported  3 metre satellite dishes are receiving no signal.

Almeria, which seems to be the area where the signal goes from being receivable to not being receivable – with reports that some 1.8m dishes working fine.

north eastern areas, around Barcelona and Catalunya, which appears to be in a very low signal area.

Areas like the Costas Blanca now seem to have the best reception in Spain, where even some 1m satellite dishes are working fine. This seem to be a payoff for having to have to use 1.8 and 2.4m satellite dishes for the old Astra 2D satellite, which had a signals cold spot in that area for many of the last 15years.


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  15 Responses to “ITV and Channel 4 channels expected to switch satellite tonight”

  1. It’s 1.4am (Tues) and all was ok on my 2.4 metre dish. hope I will be the same later on today
    Fingers crossed.

    • Yes, they did change, but out area, especially on the “big” dishes have seen no change! It has in the south and north of Spain, like it did when the BBCs changed last week.

  2. We are in San Sebastián, 5 hrs west of barcelona by the French border, and we have lost all the channels :((((( is there a solution to this problem? Thanks 🙂

    • YEs you need a larger dish – a very large dish – to continue to receive them via satellite in that area.

      • Thanks, how large are we talking about?! And once it’s changed, does it need to be realigned? Thanks again!

        • Reports suggest a 1.8m or even a 2.4m dish.
          Not too sure what you mean by “And once it’s changed, does it need to be realigned” – if you install a new dish it will have to be aligned to the correct satellites to receive the signals….

          • Haha yes I realised that the moment I pressed “post comment” *blush*. Thanks pcguy you are always very helpful 🙂

          • Me again, with some news in case it means something….we suddenly have bbc3 and 4, itv 2,3,4 and e4 etc…?? But not the main bbc itv channel 4 etc… What do you think to that?!

          • Satellite reception can vary during the day, the week, month and year.
            It is never stable.
            For all we know they may have ramped up the power to help the signals in the UK get through the storms they are having….
            Or it could simply be a seasonal thing with the satellite – previous satellite had this also.

  3. Lost ITV1 HD this morning on my 1m dish, although still have ITV1 we are in Costa Blanca marina baixa

  4. If I get 1.2 dish will that be ok, be cause i do have a larger dish but not sure of size

  5. Just reporting in! I’ve lost BBC1 and BBC2 HD – at least for some of the day. But I’ve still got the regular BBC1,2,3,4 and the ITV channels (including ITV HD) seem to have all survived.

    I’ve been away but at some point over the past couple of months I lost MoreMovies and Movies4Men as well. I haven’t done any investigation of that as yet. Have they gone from Freesat, moved frequencies or anything?

    I’m in Benitachell, Costa Blanca – the system’s a 1m offset dish, Ariva 102E receiver, LNB Twin Inverto Black Ultra. So I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

    • Your 1M dish will be operating on the edge of reception – hence the intermittent reception.

      Channels can and do change frequencies – and many of the less popular free channels, did move to new frequencies back in October.
      They are still on Freesat.
      (your Ariva is cannot actually a Freesat receiver, nor is it receiving Freesat – only official Freesat receivers an receive Freesat. Your ariva is simply receiving the “free channels” many of which are part of the freesat service)
      A rescan on your receive should bring them back.

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