More clients moving from poor internet TV to HD satellite TV systems — 9 Comments

  1. Article with little information…!! What is the HD satellite TV system you are mentioning. As I presume the clients you are talking about are the ones outside the current beam area and only have the internet TV as an option, so what is this “HD satellite TV system” option…??

    Thanks Paul

    • The article has all the information.

      The clients we so disappointed with and do not like their IPTV / Internet TV / Mag250 / Android/ XBMC / Brit TV box / “nicked” stream systems they decided to get their UK TV from the UK TV satellites.

      “What is the HD satellite TV system you are mentioning” – Freesat HD and Sky HD – as mentioned in the article.

      “As I presume the clients you are talking about are the ones outside the current beam area and only have the internet TV as an option” – No. These clients are in my service area, where the satellite signals are nice and fine.

      The signals in my service area are in fact better than it has been for the last 15 or so years – and where a 125x135cm satellite dish can easily receive the BBC ITV C4 Fives and the majority of the Sky channels. As covered by this blog many times before.

      “so what is this “HD satellite TV system” option” – Freesat HD and Sky HD – which you go for depends if you want just the free channels, or free and Sky pay channels.

      • Ok thanks, yes I am outside your improved reception area, so was more than interested to see if what you mentioned would help me….ho hum….!!

        All the best Paul

  2. Living in Asturias, Northern Spain with a 1mt offset dish and Panasonic TUD SB30 receiver. I lost all BBC,ITV,Channel 4 and Five etc. back in February when Freesat changed to the new satellites.

    However, I still get Sky news, True movies and a few other channels. As I can still get Sky News, could I subscribe to the Sky HD service and then access the BBC channels,ITV, channel 4 and channel five etc. via Sky HD using my existing dish still pointing at the original Astra 2D position?

    I’m not interested in Sky per say but would really like to get the home terrestrial channels back again.

    Will the new AStra 2G satellite change anything for those of us in Spain?

    • BBC ITV1, C4 and Five are all free to air and require no sky card or subscription to view.
      There are no “sky pay” versions of the channels.

      But with a Sky HD subscription you may get ITV2HD, ITV3HD, ITV4,HD and Five HD.

      If you want your BBC itv c4 and fives back, then you simply need a larger dish.

      Astra 2G is expect to be the same as 2E and 2F, so yes, for some areas of Spain channel reception may improve, for other areas, reception may reduce.

  3. I noticed the comments are only in spain but I live in northern Portugal and I find it difficult to get someone to give me access to set up a saterlite dish with the right cordinations to catch the right saterlite on the sky.if anyone please could help me to know which saterlite dish size and frequency to get English tv channels thank you if anyone can help

  4. hi hoe you can help I live n adaluciea jimena d la frontara and would like to know what size dish would need thank you

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