May 022013

Spain’s Marca TV to close down

Spanish sports channel Marca TV is closing down on 1 July, according to, as it has become unprofitable for Unidad Editorial to run.

The original intention was to rent it to a major American company, but a recent ruling of the Spanish supreme tribunal has made this solution impossible. Now, the most probable future for the Marca TV signal will be a home shopping channel, probably owned by QVC.

The contract between Unidad Editorial and the channel ends on 30 June and it is unlikely that it will be renewed. Last year Marca TV was on the verge of closing due to lack of finances and was possibly going to be sold to Real Madrid TV, but Unidad Editorial finally decided to bet on the sports channel for one more year. This seems unlikely to happen now, however, as Marca TV has already sold the broadcasting rights of La Liga Adelante to RTVE and the rights to La Liga BBVA to Mediaset.


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