Nov 282014

This weeks Satellite TV In Spain News – 28 November 2014 :

For all the latest news on satellite TV reception in Spain, please see our blog :
Astra 2G in Spain
All the latest news about the third and final new UK TV satellite
The launch was scheduled for tonight – the 28th…

The rocket and satellite were rolled out to the launch pad…

but then they found a problem with the rocket and the launch has been delayed…

it was thought the delay would mean the new launch date would be late December…

but today, an industry official said that the delay would only be about two weeks…

All Astra 2G updates here:
Panic for people using the Intelsat 907 / BBC satback service, when they changed their codes again. But within hours, the new codes were available for these people to hack into the encrypted feeds again…

Another week busy week installing our 125x135cm satellite dish, probably the best performing satellite dish of its size on the Costa Blanca
And again, most customers were moving from internet, cable and rebroadcast systems, preferring the Freesat HD system, and now watching their UK TV in FULL HD, subscription free!

BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, ITv1HD, Channel 4HD are all available in Full HD and subscription free on satellite TV.
More information on these satellite dish systems :
Happy viewing.
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