Jun 052016

Are you actually making the most of your Sky set-top? Really?

Sky continues to bolster your Sky+HD digibox with all manner of new features and functions. But there are some features which you may find handy, but did not know about.



Play In Slow Motion

Your Sky+ HD box can play back your favourite TV shows and movies in slow motion.

If you are watching live television, simply rewind to the start of the sequence you want to rewatch – then press and hold down the play button for at least two seconds.

If you are watching a film or show you recorded, or downloaded from the supported catch-up services, just hold down the play button to kickstart the slow motion setting.

Whenever you decide its time to return to normal speed, simply hit the play button again.
Fastest way back to your recording

If you have been watching a recording from your Sky+ planner, then switch back to live television you can return to your last point in the recording by just tapping the play button three times.

Its quicker than navigating through the bright-blue menus.


Quickly return to the beginning

There’s few things more annoying than sitting for 7 minutes to rewind that film your partner had promised to watch with you before turning it on as soon as you left the house – we’re not bitter, honest. You don’t have to suffer through lengthy, spoiler-laden rewinds though.

Holding down the rewind button for a couple of seconds will see the action jump past the 30x max speed and simply return to the recording’s staring frame. If you so desire, you can skip to the other end of a recording simply by holding the fast forward control.



While watching a recording on your Sky+ HD box, hit the pause button, followed by the red button to bookmark that point in time.

If the show is still paused you can press the green button to display a list of all of the bookmarks currently created for that recording.

The Sky remote has a number of helpful shortcuts and the box can also slideshow your family album
You can select any one of these points in time to start viewing from the chosen bookmark.

During playback, you can jump between your bookmarks by pressing and holding the rewind or fast forward buttons.

Note that some functions may only work on some, not all, Sky+HD digiboxes. Some Sky+HD digiboxes are no longer supported, and so have older software which does not include some of these features.


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