Sep 232014

Spain is the most expensive country in Europe for watching football on television.

A new survey from reveals fans need to pay €51.21 a month to watch the full selection of matches, compared to €49.86 in the UK and €39.90 in Germany.

Online is little different with Spaniards paying €18 per month, second only to the UK, which comes in at a staggering €54.92.

Fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona may fell particularly hard done by. Because the matches are not available on a single channel, those wanting to follow all the matches must effectively pay double.

The problem is not restricted to football. Already Moto GP fans need a Movistar subscription costing a minimum €15. From 2016 the operator will have exclusive rights to Formula 1 – currently shared with Antena 3 – further increasing the cost.

Top 5 Most Expensive Pay-TV Sports Markets

Country – Euros
Spain 51.21
UK 49.86
Germany 39.89
Portugal 27.99
Italy 14.00



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