Jul 292015

29th July – W10 day, they said.

But perhaps not.

If you thought you would be getting w10 today, then all is not as it seems.

Many users have been expecting W10 to be available for them to install today.

But in reality, W10 has been downloading for the past few days (or weeks – my hidden w10 install directory was created on the 10th July 2015!) into a hidden directory.
Once that download has been fully completed, only then will you get the “lets install W10” notification.

But before you do, back up anything and everything onto another drive or usb stick or drive, you never know what problems W10 installer may cause.

It may be wise to hold on for a while before installing W10. You have a year for your free upgrade, so perhaps it may be worth while waiting a few months so that MS can iron out any major bugs and issues with W10….


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