Dec 272016

UHD could be flop like 3D

A report from IHS Media & Technology Digest says the content side of the Ultra HD supply chain has been “slow to respond” in providing UHD programming to consumers.

Report author Richard Cooper says that there are some 400 titles available in UHD across various platforms and formats, although the “vast majority” of these have simply been up-scaled to 4K. More than half of these are supplied by just two studios, Paramount and Sony, with Netflix measured as the third-largest global provider of UHD content.

On Blu-ray 4K media, there are are only around 30 titles currently available in UHD.
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Jun 242015

New 4k UHDTVs may not be good or powerful enough to deliver the content!

In order to get the maximum in image quality, the frame rate needs to be quite high.

Yet some UHTVs may only be able to run at a very low frame rate.

According to Trusted Reviews:

Unfortunately, a standard 4K TV still might not be enough. Yesterday, Sky’s chief engineer revealed many UHD TVs would not be able to handle 4K sports content. That’s because many 4K TVs are only powerful enough to transmit UHD content at 25fps, while sports content needs to be broadcast at much higher frame rates – possibly up to 100fps.

It’s not clear which TV sets will be compatible with BT’s new 4K channel, or with Sky’s UHD set top boxjust yet.

Jun 052014

The BBC is to experiment with 4K broadcasting technology during the 2014 World Cup.

These tests will not be available to the public.

These tests are set to be the beginning of the BBC investigating how it can bring 4K to its viewers.

The BBC has previously been involved in testing 8K Ultra HD recordings of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Part of the trial will involve the BBC building its understanding of the limitations of sending 4K streams over the web, through iPlayer for example.

Sony is filming three games in 4K, including the World Cup Final itself. The footage is set to be put together into a film once the tournament is over.