Jun 052014

The BBC is to experiment with 4K broadcasting technology during the 2014 World Cup.

These tests will not be available to the public.

These tests are set to be the beginning of the BBC investigating how it can bring 4K to its viewers.

The BBC has previously been involved in testing 8K Ultra HD recordings of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Part of the trial will involve the BBC building its understanding of the limitations of sending 4K streams over the web, through iPlayer for example.

Sony is filming three games in 4K, including the World Cup Final itself. The footage is set to be put together into a film once the tournament is over.

Feb 052014

It looks like over night a number of Sky pay channels moved satellites.

It looks like they moved from the Astra 1N satellite to the Astra 2A satellite.

And some moved to the “tricky” to receive North beam – meaning their reception is harder to receive than before.

Early indications are that the following frequencies have moved.



Some channels affected include : Sky Action HD, Sky Sci and Horror HD, Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Drama and Romance HD and Sky Comedy HD. And a few more Sky HD channels.

Oct 052013

Below is a list of the channels and frequencies affected by the recent “satellite shuffle” between Eutelsat 28A and Astra.

Note that for some people in some areas of Spain, channels on the Astra 2F UK beam may be unavailable, as your satellite dish may be too small to receive these frequencies.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can receive Channel Five, then you should be able to receive those other channels on Astra 2Fs UK beam.

If you are struggling to receive those channels on the Astra 2F UK beam, then it may be possible to search for the channels on their “Final” frequencies, as some of the channels are actually operating on their final frequencies.

On a Sky box, you simply go to the “Add Channels” menu option, and then add the channels to your Sky boxes “Other Channels” list, accessed via the Services Menu.

Hopefully by the 10th October, all channels will be on their final frequencies, and the Sky Guide and the Freesat Guide channel lists are all correctly “mapped” to the new frequencies.

These changes have nothing to do with the new UK TV satellite, Astra 2E, that was recenctly launched and expected to be operational late November / December 2013.

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Sep 272013

Over the next few weeks, some UK TV channels will be moving frequencies (and satellites).

These changes should be unnoticed for Sky and Freesat users, but some users with “generic” free to air receivers may have to perform a rescan should they lose a channel.

These changes are nothing to do with the new UK TV satellite Astra 2E ( ).

Basically UK TV come from satellites operated by two companies, SES Astra and Eutelsat.

Recently, some frequencies currently used by Eutelsat, have been allocated to SES Astra. This means that the channels on those frequencies will be affected.

Some channels may simply move to new Eutelsat frequencies.

Other channels may move frequencies and satellites, from Eutelsat to Astra.

One such case is RT- UK SD (Russia Today) –

It looks like many changes will be happening, on both Astra and Eutelsat satellites, as channels on existing frequencies are shuffled around to accommodate these changes – which is probably the reason for this spate of channel frequency changes ( )