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  1. Yes good info.i was told all about this system by my installer .18 months ago.we have bad internet service so this was the only option for me .if i get 12 months viewing i would be happy as the service requires no internet and no sky subsciptions .and No big dish. All sounds like sour grapes to me ? scaremonger

    Great to watch the tennis and the golf on BBC HD with no break ups atall

    The typical operating life span of this satellite would be 12 to 13 years depending upon how efficient its station keeping is. So is in the final phase operations.

    However I should imagine that the orbital slot will be maintained by Intelsat as it is strategically important to the US government. In my opinion Intelsat will move one of their other platforms to cover this slot if a replacement has not already been commissioned (likely to be Intelsat-37e due for launch in 2017)

    Will the BBC/ITV/Ch4/ still be on there ? .mybe more channels arriving like channel 5.
    We will have to wait and see

    • Wait and see is all we can do, however, I can certainly see if the U.K channels remain on there they will be on the tight U.K footprint and/or with much more advanced virtually unbreakable encryption …just my opinion

  3. Very possible . But with iptv and the broadband company’s offering very high speeds in the future to every house hold in the EU.
    It will not make any diffrence what Satellite you are on.and what Encryption they use.there will always be streeming of some sort

    just for instance a sling box

  4. Intelsat 907 replace / Intelsat 605 in feb 2003.
    This position is very important to the americans
    And they will not want to loose this position .
    So i would expect a new satellite will be inplace already ?

    • I heard something the other day that they have reduced power on the satellite and thus extended its life by a year or two, which is why no replacement has been launched yet.
      Yes it is an important satellite (not just for the american) but is it also used for pan atlantic telecoms.
      The BBC Satback service is not its primary mission, so it is still a question of whether or not the service will continue on the replacement satellite, or if it will be moved to a “UK only” beam on the replacement satellite.

  5. For the price of a TV licence I have a system that gives me reliable HD UK TV on 907. Codes haven’t changed for over a year and if they do they are easy to find and update. You are just scaremongering.

    • Scaremongering – no.
      Keeping people advised as to the situation and potential issues with the system for people to make the best decision – yes.

  6. It seem they are adding mire channel nit taking them of 27 west.
    Channel 5 HD (11495 V) on Intelsat 907 @ 27.5° West

    • Saw it up a few days ago, but have not yet swung the dish over to confirm it myself.
      Yes, but with the BBC making all these cuts, an I907 not hardly used, it would be a prime candidate for some cash savings….

  7. BBC this is the cheap way and reliable way for back up system.roomors as it that they be moving to inestat 37a in 2018 We will have to wait and see

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