May 292015

BT Sport is set to announce coverage details for Champions League and Europa League in the next few days.

BT Sports is paying £897m to show the Champions League for the next three seasons, taking the live coverage away from previous broadcasters ITV and Sky Sports.

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Feb 102015

Further to the Premier League UK TV rights announcement today (see ) BT Sports have released the following statement:


BT Sport wins rights to more live Premier League football matches
BT Sport to show 42 live top-flight Saturday and Midweek matches for 2016/17 to 2018/19 seasons

Matches to be added to line-up featuring exclusive live action from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and top-flight European leagues

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Feb 062015

Further to our previous post (

Reports suggest that none of the seven Premier League TV rights packages were sold on Friday, in stark contrast to the last auction, when two went on the opening day.

The auction will now progress to a second round, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday, during which each bidder will be invited to up their offers.

Such a stalemate on Friday would indicate that not only was every package subject to more than one bid – and that those offers were very close – but also that bitter rivals Sky Sports and BT Sport were probably not the only broadcasters involved.

Feb 062015

The first stage of the renewal of Premier League UK TV rights ended to day.

Bidding broadcasters had to get their packages to the Premier League by today, for the right to show live Premier League matches for the three seasons from 2016/17.

Sky Sports will be aiming to keep their majority of matches, with BT Sports aiming to increase the matches from their current 38.

Under the current deal, Sky paid £2.3bn for the rights to 116 games per season , whilst BT Sport paid £738m for the rights to 38 matches per season.
Analysis predict those prices may rise as much as 45% as the UK broadcasters battle it out for the next batch of matches.

But Sky and BT may be joined by other broadcasters . Disvcovery, who own Eurosport, have been rumoured to be interested in bidding for some matches. As have BeIN Sports.

From the 2016/17 season there are slightly more games on offer – 168, compared to the current 154. These 168 games are split across seven packages offering a variety of kick-off times and “first pick” opportunities. Each of the packages must be bid on separately and no single buyer can win more than 126 of the 168 matches on offer. For the first time in the Premier League era, up to 10 Friday night matches will be included.

The match packages are broken down as follows:

28 games at 4pm Sunday, most 1st picks.
28 games at 5:30pm Sat, 2nd largest number of 1st picks.
28 games at 12:30pm Sat, a few 1st picks.
28 games at 1:30pm Sunday, no 1st picks
28 games Fri/Mon evening, includes 10 on a Friday
14 games includes 1st and 2nd pick midweeks (3 rounds = 6 games), plus others at weekends.
14 games includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks on the two BH rounds (8 games), plus others at weekends

Aug 152014

The Premier League starts this weekend

Watch it Live and in FULL In HD

Only Sky, BT Sport, BeIN Sport, Canal+ Spain

Or watch it from some dodgy internet need that is probably less than Standard TV definition, and play “spot the ball”, “spot the player” and “find a working stream”….

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Jan 242014

Discovery Communications, the new majority shareholder in Eurosport, is considering using its deep pockets to take on BSkyB and BT in the next multibillion-pound war for Premier League TV rights.

The owner of the Discovery factual channel, which has a market capitalisation of $28bn (£19bn), is eying up the UK sports rights market after a deal last week to fast-track its acquisition of a controlling stake in Eurosport.

Bidding for the next three-year Premier League TV rights deal is expected to start later this year, and the Discovery Communications chief executive, David Zaslav, told the Guardian that his company is considering a bid.

“We will look opportunistically at everything, strong sports rights can be very compelling and ‘must have’ content for viewers and advertisers,” he said, adding that the UK is Discovery’s biggest market outside the US. “Eurosport is very strong in the UK and we’ll will look at all rights in the UK and Europe and make a strategic decision.”

In June 2012 BT made a surprise entry into Premier League TV rights, winning a significant number of top-flight games that had been the preserve of BSkyB, in a battle that netted the league a record £3bn.


Jun 152013

Sky has moved to defend its sports broadcasting empire by slashing broadband prices, its first salvo in the pay TV price war that began last month with the launch of BT Sport.

BT’s decision to give away live Premier League football coverage to all broadband customers knocked millions of the stock market values of rivals TalkTalk and BSkyB in May.

On Friday Sky retaliated, by giving broadband away for free to customers who subscribe to its sports channels.

Both new and existing Sky Sports subscribers will be offered free unlimited internet connections, with no monthly download caps or extra charges for high data use, if they switch away from BT. Those who opt for a TV package without sports will get the service for half the regular price of £7.50.

The giveaway is timed to lure consumers away from BT before the telecoms company’s two sports channels launch in early August, in time for the football season. Sky’s response to the best-funded challenge yet of its dominance in UK sports broadcasting appears measured – the price cuts are for new broadband customers only, and expire after 12 months.



Note: Although you can receive Sky TV in Spain, and BT Sport in Spain, you cannot receive or get Sky Broadband or BT Broadband services.