Apr 252015

Sky has revealed that its 3DTV service will soon be available only as on an on-demand basis.

For a number of reasons, in particular the needs for glasses and lack of compelling, high-quality content, 3DTV has failed to take off

Due to this, Sky has announced that from June Sky 3D is going fully on-demand, and will no longer be available direct from satellite.

Sep 142014

Channel 4 has announced that it is axing its 4oD catch-up service.

4oD will be replaced with a new integrated live TV and catch-up portal called All 4.

The new All 4 service will have three main sections:

– Now: the home of live streams from all of Channel 4 TV services, including the main network, E4, More4 and Film4.
– On-demand: This section will replace 4oD and host all of the broadcaster’s catch up TV content, as well as features such as cast interviews.
– On Soon: A showcase of new programme clips and promos, with the facility to allow viewers to set reminders and alerts.

Like all UK TV Catchup and Iplayer services, access to content will be blocked for users in Spain, unless you are using a UK VPN service, to “hide” that you are connecting to the internet from Spain.

On Demand and Catch Up TV in Spain VPN

Aug 172014

New research reveals that despite the growth in TV viewing via PC, tablet and smartphones, 89% of viewers still regularly use the TV to watch their content live – with 85% also stating that the TV is their preferred screen.

The research from global broadcast solutions provider BroadStream Solutions, who polled a representative sample of the UK population in conjunction with YouGov, also found that 83% of Brits still use the TV as a social hub for the household, opting to all watch in the same room – like something out of Royle Family or Goggle Box.

According to the data, When it comes to entertainment shows like Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice or X Factor, of those consumers that watch these programmes 81% prefer to do so on TV and live rather than on catch-up or using any other device. Similarly, with sports events like the 6 Nations Rugby or Wimbledon, of those that watched these match-ups last year 88% preferred to do so live and on a television.

“The range of services now available to consumers certainly gives them the opportunity to consume TV content in new ways, but the focal point of the living room is increasingly becoming the TV once again. It is traditional ‘live’ TV that continues to be the cornerstone of any broadcaster’s service, offering the viewer a constant reference point throughout their viewing experience,” commented Mark Errington, CEO, BroadStream Solutions.

“We also can’t forget that news, sport, and entertainment are all areas that people still want to watch in real-time, whether it’s in order to vote on X Factor or watch their favourite football team, these are events that simply don’t have the same impact when recorded.”


Mar 192014

As we mentioned back in January ( Sky will be introducing a new look Sky Guide for their HD boxes.

Sky has overhauled its Sky+ electronic programme guide (Sky Guide) in the biggest shake up of its EPG since 1998.

For the first time ever, On Demand, including Catch Up TV and Sky Store, and the Sky+ Planner now sit alongside channel listings as equal options on a new homepage, so that customers can immediately find the shows they most want to watch, whether live or on demand.

The new-look EPG is being phased in for all Sky+ customers from Tuesday 18th March and will be completed by the end of May.

The update rolling out now means customers can now choose between browsing live channels, catching up on something recently aired, bingeing on a box set, watching a movie or browsing recordings in their Planner – all accessible from a single screen. Icons on the homepage will now include Catch Up TV, TV Box Sets, New Series, Best of On Demand and Sky Store.

The EPG homepage will also now contain a search bar, which will allow BSkyB customers to submit queries based on title, actor, event, channel, sport or keyword.

The change has been introduced to take into account the growing number of BSkyB subscribers choosing to watch TV on their own terms, Sky added.

Jul 012013

Catch-up or on-demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player now account for a fifth of TV viewing in the UK, according to a survey by YouGov for YouView. In a typical week, the average Brit claims to record just under nine hours of TV and spends around six hours watching TV on-demand. Among 18-24s this rises to nine hours and 20 minutes of on-demand viewing, which is just under a third of their weekly TV.
While three quarters (77%) of those questioned still use their main TV the most, the average home now has four different devices (including their main TV) on which they can watch TV, which is just over double the number they had five years ago. This rises to an average of six devices for the 18-24 year olds. The study of more than 2,000 people, carried out to mark on-demand TV service YouView’s first anniversary, also found that over half of consumers (57%) use their computer to watch television content, 14 percent do so through a games console and 25 percent access TV on a tablet.

Spending on subscription TV services has also increased by around 40 percent in five years, with the average household monthly payment now GBP 29.89. Nearly a quarter (23%) spend more than GBP 50 per month.